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Tina Malsom

Tina Malsom is a speaker, successful mompreneur, business coach and Top Female Income Earner who has been in the network marketing industry for over a decade.

Tina has been in Network Marketing for 15 years and has built a global organization of customers and distributors. She has won several awards for leadership, skills training, and team building.

Tina holds a Bachelor's Degree in Deaf Education from Fresno State and has worked with top business leaders such as Bill Walsh, Robert Kiyosaki, and Todd Falcone. Tina is a published author for Ntwrkr Magazine, Pizza and Profits, and Momentum Makers and is currently working on a collaboration book project with Greg S. Reid (Three Feet From Gold).

Tina has shared the stage with greats such as: Brian Tracy, Jack Canfield, Dr Oz, Michael Irvin, and Les Brown.

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Let Me Drop This on You… Candy Nutrition

Tina Malsom

Navigating the unclear landscape of direct sales often resembles the quest for a needle in a haystack. However, there are moments when destiny orchestrates encounters between individuals who were always meant to meet. This is precisely the story of Kelly and Tina, two people with distinct life experiences and perspectives, united by a shared purpose at APLGO, a direct sales enterprise that is revolutionizing the health and nutrition industry.

Individual Paths Converge

Kelly, a seasoned general contractor with 25 years of experience, is a man of many talents, including six years in the military as a combat medic. Raised in California and father to four daughters, Kelly’s experiences have given him a can-do attitude. Though he never attended college, he’s always had an uncanny ability to solve any problem, earning him the reputation as a modern-day Macgyver. His philosophy in life is simple: “Difficult is easy; the impossible just takes a little time to figure out.” This resilient attitude has guided him through life’s ups and downs, making him a force to be reckoned with.

Tina Malsom

Tina’s path was quite different from Kelly’s. Armed with a college degree, she initially found herself in the world of medical supplies starting out as a secretary. However, she was determined to climb the corporate ladder. Her determination paid off as she worked her way up to Vice President of the company in just under 12 years. Unfortunately, a sudden twist of fate — including a largely unplanned move of the company across the state — led to the loss of her job. Little did she think at the time that would be the biggest blessing of all. Undeterred, Tina ventured into network marketing, treating it with the same dedication as her previous roles. Setting goals and quotas, she was determined not to return to a lower level of employment. After a decade with one company, she emerged as the top female earner consistently, proving she had the moxie for the direct sales world.

When it comes to the two crossing paths at a networking marketing convention, they believe this moment was serendipitous. Tina initially had reservations about attending the event, and Kelly was supposed to be elsewhere. But fate intervened, and they have been together ever since.

The APLGO Difference

APLGO employs a powerful strategy that asks a simple question: If nutrition tasted like candy, do you think people in the world would be healthier? APLGO’s products not only offer direct-to-cell nutrition, and negative ion infusion from plant DNA, but also taste like lifesavers and have better results because of the fast absorption into the body. The cornerstone of a “THIS vs. THAT” marketing strategy, is that people are tired of choking down pills and capsules and given the choice would always choose to suck on candy lozenges instead. It’s a no-brainer for consumers, making sales and marketing a breeze for global business builders like Kelly and Tina.

One of their best marketing strategies for this year is to personally aid 1000 people in losing 20 pounds each by using APLGO’s brand new weight loss candy product that launched only last month. They plan to share real pictures and real results, showcasing the transformative power of the products. Their mission is clear: They want to share the APLGO experience with everyone, believing it to be the coolest thing they’ve ever done.

Fast forward to today, Kelly and Tina built and head a thriving APLGO team that recently achieved its first million-dollar month in sales. Their ambitious goal this year is to have 20 people on their team making a million dollars a year, and they are actively developing apps to streamline their team’s marketing efforts and enhance customer acquisition to help work toward that goal.

A Beacon of Hope in Network Marketing

Kelly and Tina are firm believers that network marketing is one of the most inclusive businesses around. It doesn’t require a resume, a college background or have specific age requirements. It brings meaningful purpose to people from all walks of life, by offering a community of like minded positive people all utilizing personal development, goal setting, and participation by holding each other accountable to changing the lives of everyone around them, both with health and wealth. APLGO is a company founded on unity, family, friendships, and fun.

APLGO, specifically with international ambassadors like Kelly and Tina, stands as a beacon of hope. It offers a platform where anyone can achieve success, regardless of their background or circumstances.

Join the APLGO Journey

As Kelly and Tina continue their remarkable journey with APLGO, they invite you to join them on their adventure. To find out more about them visit Tina’s website, where you can join a free webinar (with limited spots left). You can also visit APLGO’s official website today and embark on a journey toward success, unity and a brighter future.

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